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Why are Our Light Sticks in Such Demand?

♦ LED replacement for HO fluorescent lamps

♦ OcuLED's patented end cap provides better security and adjustability for light sticks

♦ Available in all standard HO lamp sizes

♦ Available in service friendly 4' and 8' lengths that are field cuttable to any size

♦ Includes WAGO connectors for easy assembly

♦ Available in Daylight and Cool White color

Commercial LED Prods

Whether you are in the market for one commercial LED product or more, OcuLED is here to help. We carry most of the common lighting products that most companies would use every day.

Our commercial lighting products you will find in our online store are provided at some of the best prices you will find online. We ship daily so you can be assured that your product(s) will arrive as quickly as possible.

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LED Signage Products

This is where the info goes for the signage products category.

Specialty LED Prods

LED Specialty products are both practical and technically exciting in the way they work. Some of the products you can see here make wonderful tools for your job or fun gifts that anyone would love to receive.  

Take a look at some of these Specialty Products.

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