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OcuLED LightSticks® are the most versatile LED product on the market.

Our products are designed for new construction and sign upgrades but have also been used for other applications.

Due to the ease of installation, and its adaptability our LightStick has become a favorite among installers performing a variety of jobs.


  • Easy to install. Upgrade standard sign in less than 15 minutes.
  • Field Cuttable. Eliminates the need to perform initial survey
  • Energy savings up to 65%
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Save Money

Save $150 or more per sign by using LightSticks®

Save Time

Install in 15 minutes.

Save Energy

Energy savings up to 65% compared to HO

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From it's unique design and individual packaging, to its field cuttability, the OcuLED LightStick® has been carefully designed with the sign guy in mind.


Our product comes with a standard 5-year warranty.


Upgrade a standard sign in less than 15 minutes.


The LightStick® uses new wiring and does not require sockets for support.

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“Easiest Product I’ve ever used.”

Jim Keith

Jim Keith

| President

“Bringing in OcuLED’s product line has brought in a customer base we hadn’t reach before. The Company has been very supportive with product marketing, and sales and has help us increase our bottom line. Great Product and Support. “

Jason Hyman

Jason Hyman

| Branch Manager

“Excellent Product and Company. Our subcontractors love the ease of installation”

Larry Woods

Larry Woods

| Program Manager