New Construction

If your business manufactures illuminated sign cabinets, then OcuLED LightSticks are the perfect solution to illuminate your signs.

Standard installation of LED lighting requires your fabricators to install an aluminum support structure and the LED modules to illuminate the sign. This could take hours of labor, and costly material to accomplish. However, with our new construction adapters, you simply install a single support on either side of the sign, spaced out to a standard HO lamp, and then install a new LightStick spaced properly.

For a standard 5’ X 10’ sign this process takes less than 10 minutes. Then simply install the new power supplies and wire the LightSticks up. By using our LightSticks your production time will increase and save you hundreds of dollars in labor cost.

Our LightSticks come in all standard HO sizes and have two different module sizes to accommodate any sign. We offer a 3 LED, 1.2W module with 170-degree illumination for shallow signs, and for larger signs, we offer a 4-LED, 1.5W 160-degree module. Both modules provide excellent light diffusion and illumination, so your sign will look great. Our New Construction adapters provide a tolerance of 1” so the LightStick remains secured in place during transportation and installation. All LightSticks come fully assembled so you just need to unpackage, install and wire up.

When you are ready to start saving money and increasing your productivity contact us or find a distributor in your area to purchase.