LED Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Gas stations and convenience stores are on almost every corner so it's important that your's stands out. The easiest way to do this is by lighting your business up so bright that your customers can't miss it. Of course, in those situations where the convenience store sells gas - or if it's a stand-alone gas station - lighting is more important simply because of safety.

Because your station is so well lit, you pay a lot for electricity every month and that eats into profits. It's always been a catch-22.

Until the invention of commercial grade LED lighting for gas stations and convenience stores. Now, you can better control your costs; not to mention the maintenance of the standard bulbs you are accustomed to using.

We, at OcuLED, are lighting and electric experts. You can save a ton of money each year simply by retrofitting your existing lighting to LEDs or replacing your fixtures. LED lighting now can be installed in street lights as well as canopies and wall lights; Just as bright but at a fraction of the cost.

Contact OcuLED today. We can provide a solution customized to your place of business so you not only know the cost of the job but how much you are likely to save annually. 

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OcuLED Lighting Solutions is licensed in North and South Carolina and Georgia

Licensed Master Electrician
SC- M112788