About Us

OcuLED was started over 5 years ago by two lighting & sign guys, Danny & Donny Leydig. With over 35+ years’ experience in the industry, the mission of the company is to provide better LED products for the sign industry.

The OcuLED LightStick started development over 16 months ago and has been designed and redesigned with the sign technician in mind. The product was created to solve many of the problems and limitations of similar products on the market at the time. The entire LightStick, from its unique design to its field cuttability all the way to its individual packaging has been carefully designed with the sign guy in mind.

Since the inception of the product there has been a flood of competitors to move into this market, however, we have yet to find a product that offers the ease of installation, adaptability, and durability of our LightStick. As our tagline says, “Built by Sign Guys, for Sign Guys” we feel our LightStick offers the best solution for any “Sign Guy” who is upgrading signs, building signs or even lighting up building facades. Our product uses only quality LED’s designed to last for years and comes with a standard 5-year warranty.

Please review our website to learn more about the advantages of the OcuLED Lightstick and other products, and then when you are ready to order please review our map to find the nearest distributor in your area to purchase from.