LightStick Max

LightStick Max

OcuLED is proud to introduce its newest product line, the LightStick Max.

These new LightSticks utilize our patented support structure and use more powerful 4-LED Square module than our standard 1.2W module. By using this style LED, our engineers have been able to increase light spread across deep and shallow signs, while reducing the amount of modules required. This helps save time and money for not only the sign manufacturer and installer, but also the customer.

As our other products, these new LightSticks come with our standard 5-year warranty.

LightStick Max

The LightStick Max utilizes a 1.5W, 4-LED Modules with 170-degree light output and is ideal for sign retrofits and new construction that call for 24” lamp spacing.

When replacing HO lamps with the standard 12” spacing you may skip every other lamp and still obtain the necessary light output. This advantage helps save time, labor, material, and energy cost.

Our LightStick Max 180 is our most power LightStick available. It utilizes our newest 3W, 4-LED Module with 180-degree light output.

This LightStick incorporates the newest technology in module development, providing a higher lumens output, making any sign stand out from the crowd. It may be used in standard depth signs; however it is recommended more for your larger signs.

Please review the following manufacturer cut sheets, and when you are ready to purchase, please visit one of our distributors.