Indoor & Outdoor LED Lighting Systems

Our new lighting solutions are the most reliable, affordable and comprehensive money can buy!

Industrial and manufacturing plants are huge consumers of energy mainly because of the lighting systems of the facilities. These enormous buildings have to provide ample lighting for their employees to properly do their jobs safely and accurately. And, that means making sure the lighting lights up everywhere on every floor.

Many of the older systems in these industrial buildings are still controlled by manual switches, which is archaic and costly.

Our new LED lighting systems are set up using "nodes", which are simply an electrical grid of LED bulbs. Each node communicates with a bridge router that acts like its controller. Multiple nodes may be connected to a single bridge router and multiple routers may be daisy-chained to create sizable networks for large installations.

We install the lighting system using a mobile app that provides the installers everything they need in order to maximize the efficiency of your lighting at the installation. The app also provides crucial installation reports about the wireless signal strength to ensure balance to the bridge routers. Installers can tweak the settings to fine tune everything so, when they leave, you can feel comfortable that your new system is running the most systematic way possible.

Our system is so efficient that the typical "payback" period, where you have saved more money that you spent on the systems, is usually less than two years.

If your company operates in South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia, contact us. We will be happy to sit with you and discuss our system so you can see just how economical it is for your specific requirements.

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OcuLED Lighting Solutions is licensed in North and South Carolina and Georgia

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SC- M112788